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My Uses

Listed below is the software and hardware I use on a daily basis which allows me to do my job.



14" MacBook Pro 2021 (M1 Max, 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 64GB Unified RAM, 2TB SSD)

After coming from the 16" Intel i9 version, this one is more portable and handles multiple IDEs and development tools without an issue.


2x Apple Studio Display (Nano-texture Display)

As an upgrade from my LG UltraFine 5K, this display is insanely better and perfect with the Nano coating. Its crisp and I don't have any glare.


Herman Miller Lino

Coming from the SecretLabs chair, this is more comfortable for longer durations, back support is fantastic.


Allcam Electric Height Adjustable Desk (Black Glass)

I love this desk, it is very sturdy and has a lot of space for my monitors and other items. The electric height adjustment is very useful for when I want to stand up.


Keychron K3V2 Ultra-Slim

After owning an Apple Magic Keyboard for ages, I finally made the switch - much prefer the tactile feel on the Keychron.


Razer DeathAdder V3

I came from the Apple Trackpad & Logitech MX 3 due to pains in my wrist, non-stop mouse lag and terrible polling rate.

Note Taking

Remarkable 2

I have always struggled with digital note taking, but this device has been great for me. I much prefer the feel of writing on paper, and the fact I can store all my notes in folders.


AirPods Max

I switched from the AirPods Pro due to hurting my ears when wearing them for meetings & music for long periods of time. These have been great for me, and they sound much better than my Pros.



Fathom Analytics

I like their privacy-first approach and easy-to-use dashboard.

Dev Browser


Making websites responsive is very easy with Polypane, I love how it shows all breakpoints at once.



They've got tons of great components, and I love their customised graphs, makes my website stand out.



My IDE of choice, it is extremely fast, easy-to-use and the suggested completions are much better than I ever got with VS Code (even with extensions).

Database GUI


I love the ease of simplicity and the functionality that this app provides. I often launch it from the command line using environment variables, which is extremely useful to me.

API Testing


For debugging and playing around with APIs, it has been phenomenal for my use, this has blown Postman or even Insomnia out of the water in my own use. The UI has been amazing to use, very easy and a great overall experience.



When debugging my websites having a separate application to view these has been very useful. It is a great tool for monitoring queries to make sure I'm not slowing them down with unneeded data.

Email Testing


When testing and building email templates within my apps, I use it for ensuring they appear correctly and validating links that I provide on them.




I love using this platform for purchasing pre-branded and ready-to-go domains.



I've learnt from experience that a great icon set is crucial & these icons are amazing & crisp.

Editor Font

Mono Lisa

This is my personal font of choice as it is easy to read, and overall looks pleasant when writing code.

CSS Framework

Tailwind CSS

It has been extremely useful for building rapid websites, without the fear of not being able to maintain them.



I use hardware keys for my 2-factor security. These have been much easier to login with, without fearing security, and just require a physical key.



I often take screenshots, whether it be new additions to my websites, or showing other forms of work. This has been super light, and has been fantastic for video or even GIF recordings.

Password Manager


After trying Dashlane and Bitwarden, I recently switched to 1Password and I love their native support for SSH keys. Not to mention they support hardware keys!

Web Design


This app has been extremely useful for quickly playing around with designs, and has many community-built plugins that have been great.