About Me

Innovator, Entrepreneur, Software Developer - London, UK

I'm Charlie Joseph, a London-based innovator and entrepreneur deeply passionate about software development. My journey began at 13, developing server-side modifications for Minecraft, evolving into transformative gaming and technology projects.

Career Highlights

Current Role

As the Head of Analytics at Tebex, I focus on analytics and data management projects, combining impeccable design with robust functionality. My role is about transforming data into actionable insights, enhancing game monetisation strategies.

Beyond Work

An avid gamer, I enjoy playing Call of Duty in my spare time. My Pomeranian, Chico, is a source of endless joy. Constantly seeking new challenges and knowledge, I'm open to exciting propositions and collaborations.

Let's Connect

With an unceasing drive for new ventures and a thirst for learning, I am keen to explore what the future brings. If you have a project or idea that could benefit from my expertise, let’s connect and create something remarkable!

Stay Updated

For the latest on my projects and what I'm currently focused on, check out my /now page.