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About Me

Innovator, Entrepreneur, Software Developer - London, UK

I'm from the UK, innovating at the crossroads of entrepreneurship and software engineering. Currently, I'm leading the Analytics team for Tebex at Overwolf.

Starting Young

My tech journey kicked off at 13, creating server-side modifications for one of the largest games - Minecraft. That curiosity grew into founding significant ventures like Bazaar Tracker,, JoinServers, and Spoof - each marking milestones in gaming and tech spaces.

Career Milestones

  • Bazaar Tracker: At 20, I launched this essential item tracking website for the Hypixel Minecraft Network. It quickly became a go-to resource for over 800,000 monthly users, leading to significant ad revenue and an eventual sale.
  • I developed this game server analytics platform, offering detailed insights into player behavior. It tracked over 1 million unique players in its first year, culminating in a sale to Tebex, where I continued to influence its growth.

What I Do Now

I am the Head of Analytics for Tebex, at Overwolf, and I focus on analytics and data management projects, combining impeccable design with robust functionality. My role is about transforming data into actionable insights, enhancing game monetisation strategies.

Connect with Me

I'm driven by innovation and learning. Got an idea? Let's make something amazing together.