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Welcome, I'm Charlie Joseph, a London-based innovator, entrepreneur, and software developer with a passion for collecting premium-grade, brandable domains. You've likely found this page in your search for an exceptional domain name. If so, you've come to the right place!

Although I possess these unique domains, I don't always have the time to develop them fully. They're showcased here, ready for the discerning buyer who recognizes their potential. If you're that person, they're yours for the taking before I get a chance to build something extraordinary with them.

  • Blockgame (blockga.me) - A premium domain for a blockchain gaming platform.
  • Polls (polls.net) - A premium domain for a polling platform.
  • Foggy (foggy.com) - A premium domain for a weather or A.I. app.
  • Octanna (octanna.com) - A premium domain for a SaaS platform.
  • Contestant (contestant.io) - A premium domain for a contest/leaderboard platform.

Domain Verification

To ensure your confidence in this purchase, know that any domain listed on this page will redirect here when visited. This safeguard is in place to prevent fraudulent sales by those who may claim ownership but do not truly possess the domain.

Authorised Brokers

In my absence, you can still proceed with your purchase by contacting one of my trusted brokers listed below. They're fully authorized to sell my domains and can assist you in acquiring the perfect one for your needs.

Contact Information

Feel free to reach out to me directly via email (ch@rli.es) or Discord (heychazza) if you have any questions or specific inquiries. My brokers and I are here to help you find the domain that's just right for your brand or project.