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3rd December, 2022

My Development Workflow 2022

Explore the tools and practices that I use to improve my development workflow in 2022, including my workstation, favorite IDE, terminal aliases and much more.
3rd March, 2022

My 2022 Rebrand

I discuss my reasonings behind revamping my branding and website.
26th December, 2021

My Year in Review - 2021

With this year coming to an end and Christmas just recently gone, I felt it was time to take a look over my journey this year and share what I have learned along the way.
19th November, 2021

Turning 21, My 1 Year Reflection

Today, I officially turn 21 and with that I wanted to write a blog to reflect my journey leading up to now. I have many goals to reach, and while I still have a bit to go - each achievement certainly helps with that.
6th September, 2021

Ship fast, refactor later

It's easy to get carried away refining every detail when actually we should refine later.
30th August, 2021

My five figure exit

My journey behind many failed projects, feeling unlucky, and then finally selling my first business for 5 figures.