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Hey, I'm Charlie Joseph!

An Innovative and Motivated Individual

I'm a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur from London, England. I am currently the Head of Analytics, Tebex at Overwolf working on Analyse after it was acquired in October 2022.

Currently building Play MC in my weekends, a non Pay2Win, Vanilla Minecraft server with a focus on building a safe space for teens.

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How to integrate Fathom Analytics with Nuxt 3

A guide on integrating Fathom Analytics into a Nuxt 3 app.

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Migrating a Laravel Jetstream app from Mix/Webpack to Vite

A guide on converting a Laravel Jetstream application to Vite with Server Side Rendering.

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My 2022 Setup for Building a SaaS

My personal 2022 tools and frameworks for building a SaaS.

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Active Projects

Game Analytics


A Minecraft analytics platform that gives server admins a better insight into how their community is performing.


Launched: February, 2022

Acquired: October, 2022


Server List

CurseForge Servers

A server listing platform that helps players find new Minecraft servers to play on.

After JoinServers was acquired by Tebex, it has since been re-branded under the CurseForge branding with additional features.


Launched: August, 2021

Acquired: October, 2022


Guest Articles


Analyse Real-Time Dashboard Case Study

A look into how we utilise SingleStore to power our real-time dashboards that help Minecraft admins track over 700,000 unique players.

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On the Technology Requirements for a Database to Support Minecraft.

I was offered to write a guest article on ODBMS regarding my experience with SingleStore to support Minecraft.

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Running SingleStore on Apple Silicon

I wrote a guest article about running SingleStore on Apple Silicon.

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Guest Engineer Showcase

I was featured as a guest engineer on the SingleStore blog.

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While I am not available for consulting or development work, here is my current verifiable methods of contact if you wish to contact me.

As of the 18th January, 2023 I no longer use social media though I am contactable via the email address found above.